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December 2009
  26th     5.5 mile   Brighton & Hove AC Boxing Day Race  
 Lee Valley, London 
      5km   EHAC Boxing Day Walk  
 Le Val des Terres, Guernsey 
  13th     815 metres   Sarnia WC Hill Climb  
 Monks Hill, Croydon 
  12th     2.5km   Surrey WC Christmas Cup Handicap  
      5km   Surrey WC Christmas Cup Handicap  
 Perry Park, Birmingham 
      10km   Birhfield Christmas Handicap  
      1km   Birhfield Christmas Handicap  
      2km   Birhfield Christmas Handicap  
      5km   Birhfield Christmas Handicap  
 Isle of Man 
  6th     10 mile   Empire Garage Peel to Douglas Walk  
 Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 
      1.5km   Sarnia WC Track Race  
 Thornton-le-Clay, York 
      9km   4th Northern Winter League  
 Bexley, Kent 
  5th     2.5km   Bexley Winter League  
      5km   Bexley Winter League  
 Dublin, IRELAND 
      30km   Irish National 30k  
      10km   Irish Races  
      20km   Irish Races  
      2km   Irish Races  
      5km   Irish Races