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April 2007
 Kingsmeadoow, Kingston 
  30th     2km   SCVAC T&F League (South London) - Fixture 1  
 Picketts Lock 
      2km   SCAA Veterans League  
      2km   SCVAC T&F League (Hants/Surrey) - Fixture 1  
  29th     1km   Louise Arthur League - 1st Fixture  
 Canvey Island 
      5 mile   Nicola Five Miles  
 Millfield School, Somerset 
      1km   Somerset & Dorset Schools Walks  
      3km   Somerset & Dorset Schools Walks  
      5km   Somerset & Dorset Schools Walks  
      20km   Noviomagumtocht wv Magnus  
 Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 
      5km   Sarnia WC Championship 2 - Track  
 Alexander Stadium, Birmingham 
  28th     1km   Birchfield Club Day YAG Development Races  
      2km   Birchfield Club Day YAG Development Races  
 Copthall, London 
      3km   London Inter-Club Challenge - Meeting 1  
 Dijon, FRANCE 
      24 hour   200km de Dijon  
 Dongen, HOLLAND 
      50km   Lentetocht wsv WIK  
 Sutton Park, Birmingham 
      6km   Midland Masters 5k Yacht Handicap (6k done!)  
  27th     5km   Serpentine 5k  
 Millhouses Park, Sheffield 
      1km   1st Summer Handicap  
      2km   1st Summer Handicap  
      3km   1st Summer Handicap  
 Battersea Park, London 
  25th     10km   VAC/Middx/Surrey/Belgrave/Herts Walk  
      2km   Hewitt Cup Round 1  
      2 mile   Redcar RWC Road Walk  
      10km   Middlesex Veterans Track Championships  
 Hericourt, FRANCE 
  22nd     3km   Championnats Regionaux Marche  
      5km   Championnats Regionaux Marche  
 Isle of Man 
      50 mile   Seven Station Challenge  
      Marathon   Flora London Marathon  
  21st     1km   Jeff Ford Open (u11)  
      2km   Jeff Ford Open (u13)  
      3km   Jeff Ford Open (u15)  
      5km   Jeff Ford Open (u17 & Sen)  
      10km   Jeff Ford Open (u20 & Sen)  
 Battersea Park, London 
  17th     5 mile   VAC 5 Mile  
  15th     2km   Kent Young Athletes League  
      10km   Sarnia WC Road Walk  
 Tipton, West Midlands 
      2km   Tipton Games Track Walk  
      1km   Tipton Games Track Walk (u11)  
 Bar-le-Duc, FRANCE 
  14th     100km   Championnats de France des 100km (Homme)  
      50km   Championnats de France des 100km (interim)  
      50km   Championnats de France des 50km (Femme)  
 Cernay, FRANCE 
      3km   French Races  
      5km   French Races  
 Chorley, Lancashire 
      10 mile   Goodwin Cup  
      10km   RWA/UKA Championships  
      20km   RWA/UKA Championships  
 Lea Valley, London 
      1km   Open Meeting - Track Walk  
      3km   Open Meeting - Track Walk  
 Rio Maior, PORTUGAL 
      20km   16 Grande Premio Internacional en Marcha Atletica  
  9th     15 mile   Easter Monday Walks  
      1km   Easter Monday Walks  
      2km   Easter Monday Walks  
 Q.E. Stadium, Enfield 
  7th     3 mile   Enfield League  
      5 mile   Enfield League  
 Colmar, FRANCE 
  6th     10km   French Races  
      5km   French Races  
 Albecq, Guernsey 
  1st     7 mile   Chilcott Cup  
 Cleckheaton, Yorkshire 
      10 mile   Yorkshire RWC Championships  
      10km   Gran Premio Citta di Lugano  
      20km   Gran Premio Citta di Lugano  
      5km   Alexandra Park 5k  
 Strasbourg, FRANCE 
      5km   Championnats Du Bas-Rhin de Marche  
      10km   French Races