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October 2007
 Blackheath Park, London 
  28th     9km   318th LPR Yacht Handicap  
 NSC, Isle of Man 
      10km   HSBC Winter Walking League  
      1km   HSBC Winter Walking League  
      2km   HSBC Winter Walking League  
      3km   HSBC Winter Walking League  
      5km   HSBC Winter Walking League  
  27th     10km   Steyning 10k  
 NSC, Isle of Man 
  25th     5km   IOMVAC Handicap  
 Amsterdam, HOLLAND 
  24th     Marathon   Amsterdam Marathon  
 Pleinmont, Guernsey 
  21st     4.5km   Guernsey Pleinmont Walk  
 Bexley, Kent 
  20th     2.5km   1st Cambridge Harriers Winter League  
      5km   1st Cambridge Harriers Winter League  
 Eindhoven, HOLLAND 
      160km   OLAT Jubilee Walk  
  16th     2km   Chris Smith League - Round 1  
  14th     10km   1st Northern Winter League  
      5km   1st Northern Winter League  
 NSC, Isle of Man 
      1 hour   Welbeck Hotel One Hour Challenge  
      1 mile   Welbeck Hotel One Hour Challenge  
      30 minutes   Welbeck Hotel One Hour Challenge  
      800 metres   Welbeck Hotel One Hour Challenge  
      10km   1st Midlands Winter League  
      5km   1st Midlands Winter League  
      1km   1st Midlands Winter League (u11)  
      2km   1st Midlands Winter League (u13)  
      3km   1st Midlands Winter League (u15)  
 Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 
      3km   Bob Wright Handicap Race 2  
 Lugano, Switzerland 
  13th     1 hour   EAA Meeting di Chiusura - Prova Internazionale dell Ora  
      5km   EAA Meeting di Chiusura - Ragazzi B (92/93)  
      5km   Enfield League - Race 11  
 Sutton Macclesfield, Cheshire 
      10km   Albert Rigby Memorial  
 Ashford, Kent 
  7th     10km   Givaudan Ashford 10k Road Race  
 Montreuil-sous-Bois, FRANCE 
      30 minutes   Journee Nationale Jeunes a la Marche  
      10km   NARWA Championships  
      5km   NARWA Championships  
 Stockholm, SWEDEN 
      50km   Swedish & Norwegian Championships  
 Tilburg, Holland 
      20km   Dutch Championships  
      50km   Dutch Championships  
 Haynes Road, Leicester 
  6th     10km   L.T. Norton Handicap  
 Monks Hill, Croydon 
      1.5km   Gazette Cup  
      2km   Gazette Cup  
      3km   Gazette Cup  
      4 mile   Gazette Cup  
 Millhouses Park, Sheffield 
  5th     2km   City of Sheffield AC 6th Summer Handicap  
      3km   City of Sheffield AC 6th Summer Handicap